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Zzero Sufuri gives us early Xmas Song

November 30, 2019 at 00:04
Zzero Sufuri gives us early Xmas Song

Zzero Sufuri has treated us to an early Xmas song. This is just the most fun thing I have had today. Whatever he was high on then it worked for him.

To start with, the beats of this jam will draw to listen to the jam and also the title. But anyway this was crazy of a guy who has always sung some funny things.

Though he has named the jam Xmas song, you will be cracking your ribs when you hear what is in the lyrics. In short, he is planning to cheat since the girlfriend is not around.

Zzero Sufuri gives us early Xmas Song

Ati naskia kuimba zimenisha, Lol this is just some funny stuff here. How did he even craft this? What was in his mind?

The whole Christmas tune is just worth the repetition and is sure the chorus is very memorable. Imagine a Zzero Sufuri who is always singing about weed and here he is taking us to the Christmas carols?

Actually, the song might sound childish but it is the most hilarious thing today. The guy is talking like he is high on something.

I wish he can continue entertaining us like this. The background voices, this dude is just crazy in his own way. One man way and he is still giving the groups sleepless nights?

Zzero Sufuri gives us early Xmas Song

Or this is what we say Lazima zitushike Xmas? The song titled Nuclear in short can only be referred to as Xmas song.

I even lack words to describe the audios because this is just a hit in its own way. Xmas nuclear song is just simple but the message and power it contains it’s just awesome.

Without much to say to Zzero Sufuri, I must ay his talent is unmatched in this one and he should continue with this. Last but not least, he gets a rating of 6/10.

Audio below.




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