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Zzero Sufuri is back with a hot jam ‘Matiati’

July 16, 2019 at 22:54
Matiati audio out. Zzero Sufuri does what he does best



Zzero Sufuri is back this time with Matiati. This kind of music is becoming the order of the day. If you know what I mean it will be very easy to understand this jam Matiati.

This is what I call childish singing. But anyway we all have a different taste in music. Matiati comes in after Zzero Sufuri dissed Ethic.

The kind of language used here is slightly coded and others words very vulgar. This is more of a club banger and also easily understood by the youth. Ghetto anthems need to be restricted.

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Zzero Sufuri; singer, writer

Message in ‘Matiati’

Nakuwanga fete, twende twendete Shaka machete, jibambe usitete Si,. In  this stanza, it simply shows that the song is all about having fan.

Also, there is that part; leo ni siku yako mami Kam tukawatoke tukakule kingwai Na bado ukinijenga sitabaki ati ati ati. Although he uses sheng’ it is easy to understand that bhang is referred to as kingwai.  I leave you to find out what the rest of the words mean..

You are not gonna miss this stanza; Cheki, mambo Lucy napenda hako ka pussy Kakue ka brown sanasana tu keusi Kako na tunywele tusoft ka tausi Ni karefu sana mi hukapimaga na uzi na. This is very vulgar. He talks about about a female sexual organ and describes how he wants it to appear like.

Anyway, is this what the society wants to here? Seems like sex has to appear in most of his work to sell.  What does Zzero Sufuri  measure? This is crap.


Although the song is crap, we must also recognized that the audio is well done. It is so clear and well mixed. The only thing that will make you dance to this song are the beats. Magix Enga has delivered as a producer.

Who is still for play Kenyan music? This Matiati is at a rating of 5/10.

In conclusion, someone needs to tell this kids to up their game so as to be in the industry for long.

Below is a link to the audio.

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