Michelle Yola finally gets rid of that ‘one thing’ connecting her with ex, Prezzo…and no it’s not a baby!

March 27, 2017 at 12:03
Prezzo posts photo to wish Michelle Yola a quick recovery

So their break up was not another stunt! Seems things are serious as Michelle Yola recently got rid of the Prezzo tattoo a few months after she got it as a symbol of her love for her ex fiance, Prezzo.

The Nairobi Diaries star had earlier revealed that she wanted to get rid of the tattoo now that she was no longer seeing the rapper.

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However, as advised by a popular tattoo artist, Michelle Yola just needed to have the tattoo covered instead of using the lazer removal process that leaves a scar behind…and I hear is very painful.

Prezzo and Yola tatoos

Prezzo and Yola tatoos

Well, now Michelle Yola no longer walks around with Prezzo’s name on her hand as she had wished before. I am not sure whether this means the two will no longer getting back with their on and off relationship but one cannot be too sure that they have called it quits for good this time around.

Anyway, Prezzo has not said anything about this or whether he is planning to do the same but we shall keep you posted.

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