Most Of You Know Him As Koffi Olomide. But Did You Know That This Man Has Created Some 35 Other Crazy Nicknames That He Likes To Call Himself? Here Are His Other Names. WARNING: They’re Very Weird.

July 25, 2016 at 07:22

He’s been Trending all weekend for that one silly act of violence that immediately saw him declared persona non grata in Kenya and thrown off back to Congo as quickly as humanly possible.

By swiping a powerful kick at one of his fear-struck FEMALE dancers, Koffi Olomide immediately drew the attention of Kenya’s ruthless social media community that ensured that the man would not just NOT proceed with his concert at the Bomas of Kenya but also get deported as a matter of urgency.

I don’t know a man that’s had such a turbulent time in the last 72 hours. But it served the inglorious bastard right.

But did you know that Koffi Olomide probably holds the MOST aliases of any singer in the World?

Sure,Prince did become notorious for his many name changes and self-created honorifics but then there’s Koffi Olomide,a man who is so eccentric,so crazy that he has coined up over 35 names to perfectly describe himself.

And from the names,you can tell that this is a vainglorious fool that loves to worship himself and view himself as the Greatest Thing God Ever Created.

You thought Ike Turner was crazy? Well,you haven’t met the Congolese maverick Koffi Olomide who has been inventing nicknames since 1986.

They’re crazy. They’re silly and they’re absurd.

Here’s at least 35 of stupid names Koffi Olomide frequently calls himself.

1. Makila Mabe [which literally means “bad blood” or unlucky child] he was born very sickly.

2. Papa Plus

3.Tcha – Tcho

4.Eza Mayi

5.Papa Top

6.Mukulu Kulu


8.Fololo Papa

9.Papa Happiness

10.Rapid Intervention Force

11.Golden Star

12.World No. 1

13.Quadra Kora Man

14.Grand Mopao

15.Mopao Mokonzi


17.High Priest Mother

18.Nzambe Ya Ba Na Africa Golden Ball

19.BB Taste

20.Favorite Dish

21.Na Didi Papa

22.Papa Mourinho

23.Mopao Sarkozy

24.Pape Noir

25.Barack Obama

26.Young Pato


28.La Rambo Du Congo

29.Central Market

30.Acram – Oje

31.Zando Ya Munene

32.Pure Again

33.Patrão Cinco Estrelas [Portuguese for 5-Star Boss],

34.Koffi Central

35. Treizième Apôtre [Thirteenth Apostle].

Barack Obama? Central Market? Favorite Dish? High Priest Mother? Seriously???? Wow! Ok! Clearly,He’s not just a cold,violent devil. He’s also seriously sick in the head. SICK!


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