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Cinematography Career Path of Alois Nashali

December 29, 2018 at 11:34
Cinematography Career Path of Alois Nashali

Many young and upcoming cinematographers have very interesting background stories which reveal their capabilities and significant passion to perform like the best in the field of cinematography. Having started his journey of cinematography all the way from Kenya, Alois Nashali is one of the most unique and skilled individuals operating passionately in this field in canada.

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Alois Career Starting Background.

The events that drove Alois to indulge in the field of cinematography took place back in Kenya. His brother operated in the film industry and so he had the habit of going to watch him and his friends rehearse. It is from this instance that he attained interest in cinematography. At the beginning, his interest was to join his brother in the acting field, but after realizing that Acting was not the career that he wanted to have, he gained interest in being the individual behind the lens. He associated with the FilmAid international organization in Kenya, and after moving to Canada, he enrolled in Algonquin college school of media and design.

Alois Nasholi

Progress during Studies in the Field

Since he gained interest in the field of Cinematography, he has had a significant opportunity to learn and be mentored by individuals who have been very successful in the field. The Algonquin college school of media and design, to begin with, has enabled him to be very skilled in the field and learn a lot on how to be an effective cinematographer. In addition to this knowledge, he also attained the opportunity to work with and be mentored by Pixie Cram (creator of an award winning Animation movie, Emergency Broadcast which is doing great around the world and beyond).


Since he started learning to become a cinematographer, he has managed to achieve significantly. To begin with, he has worked on many short films and most of them ended up being award winning. Recently, he for example worked on a documentary known as Six Voices one Story. Other pieces that he has worked on include; An Artist from Iran, Positivity in a New Place and Throught the Lens of a Migrant Story among others.




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