Gospel Singer Zoe Drops Hit Single “Waona Nani” & Opens Up About Her Struggle With Self-esteem

April 16, 2018 at 12:27
Gospel Singer Zoe Drops Hit Single & Opens Up About Her Struggle With Self-esteem


Popularly known for her hit single ‘Salama’ featuring Rebecca Soki, Gospel singer Zoe is back. In this latest single Waona Nani, she bares it all about her struggle with self-esteem.

Waona Nani sounds like an exceptionally expressive melody since it really is! This tune was composed 10 years back (2008) by Zoe under genuine conditions.

Zoe in form two struggled with identity for about 4 months leading her to come up with Waona Nani song. She was very distant with guys even of her age bracket for so many reasons (story for another day).


It all started from the April holiday. My dad got uncomfy with the frequency of texts getting into my phone…what he assumed is quite obvious. The truth was however opposite. I did not have one male friend who could reach the extent of texting me. He resorted to taking the phone he had given me away. During the same school holiday, a neighbor, mama’s friend contacted mum asking if she could hook me up with her daughter so I ‘talk’ to her following change of behavior. This got me confused, kind of stressed, that now I am a ‘bad girl’ in the eyes of my father.

I went back to school still wondering why I could have different definitions from two people I can trust. Before the term was too mature, I received a letter from a guy- Something so unusual – I dint even care to make friends during funkies. This was the talk of the day in my class. I stayed a day before deciding whether to open the letter or not. Then, the second night my bedmate and also homemate jokingly commented, ‘tunakujua vile unakuwaga home na machali but wewe hujifanya ukiwa shule’.This really added me stress,I then appeared to me that people thought I have split personality, hence, my identity crisis.

The next day during games I withdrew to the field corner so I could talk to God about my crisis and in about 1-2 hours whooooop Waona Nani , full song as you hear it came.

Watch and listen to the inspiring music video here:


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