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How Alois Nashali Acquired The Idea of Becoming A Cinematographer?

December 28, 2018 at 11:43
How Alois Nashali Acquired The Idea of Becoming A Cinematographer?

Among the many fields that have currently drawn interest to many people include the cinematography career field. Many young individuals have attained passion and the will to shape their careers towards the field of film production. A good example of such individuals is Alois Nashali, whose journey to becoming a cinematographer started in a highly unexpected way.

How he acquired the Idea of becoming a cinematographer?

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Alois’s Journey of joining the film production field started back in Kenya. Initially, he was interested in being an actor. Like many other actors, he made an attempt to become one, but in the process he realized that he was not meant to be an actor. This attempt granted him the Idea of being the individual behind the lens. It is from this point that he attained an interest in camera operations. Unlike what many would have thought, Alois did not immediately dive into the film production industry. He decided to take a journalism course, which taught him how to take high quality pictures and using very good cameras. It is not until later when he then joined the cinematography field.

Alois Nashali

Institutions where Alois studies Cinematography

Back in Kenya, before he became a cinematographer, Alois had a habit of going to watch his brother and friends rehearse in their film production group. After always watching them rehearse for a certain period of time, he decided to give acting a try. He thus associated himself with an international film institution known as FilmAid International that has expanded its operations to Kenya. When he moved to Canada, he decided to enroll in Algonquin college school of media and design.

What gives Alois the drive to remain in Cinematography?

After learning more about films and how they are shot together with the role that film producers and cinematographers carryout, Alois attained a great passion to be highly skilled in the field. The passion is thus his main drive in this field.






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