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How Tanzanian Alois Nashali Began his Cinematography Career Path.

December 27, 2018 at 11:29
How Tanzanian Alois Nashali Began his Cinematography Career Path.

Meet Tanzania born Cinematographer, Alois Nashali, 22, who recently made his debut with Canadian Broadcasting industry one year ago and has gone to do some impressive work in short films sector and that are doing great in the Canadian waves at the moment.

cinematography is considered among the emerging career fields that many people have begun considering as essential and appropriate to follow career-wise. In this field, interested individuals aim to become highly skilled filmmakers. Roles that cinematographers take include scriptwriters, Director of photography, and, or executive film producers. A good example of an individual who recently joined the field is Alois Nashali, who is currently trolling very well the canadian airwaves at the moment.

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How Alois Began his Cinematography Career Path.

Alois Nashali began his passion and journey in cinematography back in Kenya where he Used to watched his cousin brother rehearse his film roles rehearsal and from there Alois expressed his interest. He decided to follow up and join with his brother’s theatre group and started involved in multiple movie sets where he began to learn some basic aspect of film production. It wasn’t until when he then moved to Canada that he decided to enroll to the Algonquin college school of media and design. Since then, Alois has been sharpening his skills in this institution and has managed to achieve significant achievements in the process.

Alois’s Achievements So Far.

As a young and upcoming cinematographer, Alois has managed to attain significant achievements in his career. He has for example managed to work on a lot of short films which most of them have went on to win national awards here in Canada. Examples include An Artist from Iran, Positivity in a New Place and Through the Lens of a Migrant Story among others. Among his achievements, he also includes his opportunity to work and collaborate with Pixie Cram, who is recognized as a very successful film maker in Canadian film scene.

His advice to others interested in Cinematography

To all those other people interested in cinematography, Alois advise them to make an effort and start their journey. With effort and the will, any individual can become successful in Cinematography. He also advises people to value the advice of mentors in the field.



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