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Huge Da Oracle – June/July ft. Kid X

February 26, 2018 at 12:46
Huge Da Oracle - June/July ft. Kid X

South Africa’s Huge Da Oracle has another banger out titled “June/July” ft. Kid X. Download Huge Da Oracle – June/July ft. Kid X mp3 here:

Huge Da Oracle - June / July ft. Kid X (152 downloads)


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Conceived in Middleburg on the thirteenth of October to Florence Baphelile and Sam Mahlangu, Bonginkosi Mahlangu now known as Kid X has had an irregular ascent to notoriety having been found subsequent to being prescribed to Teargas’ K.O. by would-be aggregate part Smashis amid the arrangement of Cashtime Fam. Directly in the wake of scoring three back to back number ones’ on YFM’s Hot 9 Nine Hip-bounce outline, Kid-X put his performance profession to an unexpected end to join AB Crazy and Smashis in the gathering Cashtime Fam.

Cashtime Fam required a long time to concrete it’s way of life as a gathering with the adjustments in staff and at first being joined with the other three individuals from Teargas however after the arrival of Goodbye all the underlying stammers were placed before and the trio had 2011 greatest hip-bounce melody taken care of. The tune bested the diagrams and the trio had throng of young ladies around the nation we’re eating out of the palms of their hands.

In 2012 the gathering hoped to be set out toward greater and better things yet this was placed in peril with the takeoff rapper, vocalist and maker AB Crazy chose to go separate ways with the gathering to seek after a performance profession. No doubt was the start of the end for Cashtime Fam however Smashis and Kid X kept on holding the post, going ahead to win a Channel-O Music Video grant for the best Southern African Act. Around the same time Kid X bacome famous outside of the gathering when he was highlighted on 2012’s greatest hit, BoomShakaLaka with Kwesta. This was taken after an across the nation visit that mid year when Cashtime Fam united with Kwesta to leave on the 13 city Hangover Tour, a South African Hip-jump in the first place, which saw them bungling inland South Africa and closure in a breadth of coastline from east to west.

In 2013 Cashtime Fam now a team, discharged a 16-track blend tape titled “Rap Ain’t Dead It’s Outchea” or R.A.D.I.O. This was trailed by the arrival of two singles that beat YFM’s Hot 99 Hip-bounce graph to be specific Nobody and Time Goes By however when they neglected to satisfy the achievement beforehand delighted in by Goodbye it was back to the point where it all began for the gathering. The pair got together with Hip-bounce DJ Speedsta for the arrival of his single Don’t Worry, which went ahead to be an enormous club hit and was the gatherings swan tune or as some would said, the last kick of a withering steed. Child X and Smashis both kept themselves sharp by racking up and phenomenal measure of highlights independently which saw Kid-X develop fairly hit creator with South Africa’s best DJ’s underwriting him as the go-to-fellow to include on their records.

2014 saw the declaration of the disbanding of Cashtime Fam as a gathering and rebranding of the stable under the Cashtime Life flag. Following this declaration it was chosen that bot Smashis and Kid-X would be surrendered to the steady as solo acts. Having had all the more solo accomplishment added to his repertoire Kid X was the regular decision to discharge a performance single from the disbanded gathering however his first port of call was another element and this time he was called upon by Teargas’ K.O. who found him every one of those years prior for his performance single Cara-Cara.

The achievement of Cara-cara saw Kid X being included in three of South African hip-jump greatest hits all before discharging his very own hit single… Cara has gone ahead to break airplay records burning through 3 weeks on the South African Radio airplay graph (June 2014). This set Kid X up for the arrival of the most expected first single in the historical backdrop of South African Hip-bounce and with Pass n’ Special, he’s given his fans the sum total of what that they’ve been requesting and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. He’s right now chipping away at his introduction collection slated for a 2015 discharge however until the point when then you can expect more clean, more vibe and more Skhanda wherever you hear the name Kid X being said.



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