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Joh Makini – Simwachii Mungu Ft. Ben Pol

August 17, 2018 at 10:16
Joh Makini - Simwachii Mungu Ft. Ben Pol

Have a listen to Joh Makini’s latest hit single titled “Simwachii Mungu” ft. Ben Pol.  Download Joh Makini – Simwachii Mungu Ft. Ben Pol mp3 here:

Joh Makini - Simwachii Mungu Ft. Ben Pol (26707 downloads)


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John Simon referred to by his stage name as Joh Makini (who was conceived on August 27 in Arusha), is a Tanzanian Swahili Hip Hop craftsman. He has been engaged with music since 1995, however it was until the point that 2004 when his name began to be talked in relatively respectful terms. This matched with the arrival of ‘Hawapendi’, immediately took after by ‘Hao’.

In 2006 the single ‘Chochote, Popote’ affirmed his notoriety and was a huge hit all finished Tanzania. JohMakini discharged his first collection, ‘Zamu Yangu’, late 2006. The collection contained hits, for example, ‘Chochote, popote’, ‘Hao’, ‘Tommorrow’ and ‘Kama Kawa’. This was trailed by another string of hit singles including ‘Ufalme’, ‘Muda’, ‘Kila Wakati’ and ‘Niaje, ni vipi’, ‘Stimu zimelipiwa’.

To date, his new single ‘Don’t Bother’ ft. Otherwise known as has turned into a national hit and has gotten enormous radio and TV airplay all finished Africa.



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