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Mowzey Radio – Mukama Nyongera Amaanyi

February 07, 2018 at 12:40
Mowzey Radio - Mukama Nyongera Amaanyi
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Mowzey Radio has another banger out titled “Mukama Nyongera Amaanyi”. Download Mowzey Radio – Mukama Nyongera Amaanyi mp3 here:

Mowzey Radio - Mukama Nyongera Amaanyi (4726 downloads)


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Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo (25 January 1985[1][2] – 1 February 2018), otherwise called Mowzey Radio, now and again alluded to as Moses Radio, was an Ugandan artist. He was one of the fundamental entertainers of the Ugandan music gather Goodlyfe Crew together with Jose Chameleone’s sibling Weasel Manizo (genuine name Douglas Sseguya).

Radio discharged his first solo tune, “Tujja Kuba Wamu” in 2004 while at Makerere University where he finished a degree in brain science, before joining the Leone Island Music Empire in 2005. He began as a reinforcement artist alongside Weasel behind Jose Chameleone.[3] He had first achievement in the year 2005 after he had discharged a reggae cherish tune called “Jennifer”, the official stage video for that tune was taped by Ugandan music promoter DJ Erycom.

In 2006, Mowzey Radio discharged another melody titled “Sweet Lady”, another generally welcomed tune that acquainted him with a huge fan base in Uganda. In October 2007, Mowzey Radio, Weasel and Jose Chameleone visited the United States and the Caribbean. Before they returned home, Radio and Weasel had mistaken assumptions with Chameleone. Following differences amongst Chameleone and the two, they quit the gathering and shaped Goodlyfe Crew, who wound up noticeably effective. Their first melody was “Nakutadata”, trailed by “Ngamba” and others.[4] He made music joint efforts with artists, for example, Rabadaba in the tune “Capacity” together with Weasel,[5] delivered by Just Jose.

In his singing vocation he did joint efforts with both neighborhood and universal specialists winning honors and a few selections including the BET designations.

Radio and Weasel had numerous hits, including: “Capacity”, “Akapapula”, “Bread and Butter”, “Hellenah” ft David Lutalo, Juice Juicy, Lwaki Onnumya, Magnetic, Tukikole Neera, Mr DJ, Mukama Talya Mandazi, Ngenda Maaso, Nyambula, Nyumbani, Obudde, Potential, Sitaani, Zuena, and “Neera”, which ruled unendingly on most radio and TV stations in Africa.[citation needed]

Radio kicked the bucket on 1 February 2018 at Case Clinic in Kampala, Uganda,[6] from a blood coagulation in his brain[7] supported in a quarrel at a club in Entebbe a couple of days sooner. He was let go at Nakawuka in Wakiso District.




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