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Mwana Fa – Hata Sielewi ft. Maua Sama

February 01, 2018 at 09:03
Mwana Fa - Hata Sielewi ft. Maua Sama

Listen and download Mwana Fa’s hit titled “Hata Sielewi” ft. Maua Sama. Download Mwana Fa – Hata Sielewi ft. Maua Sama mp3 here:

Mwana Fa - Hata Sielewi ft. Mau Sama (25181 downloads)


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Hamis Mwinjuma otherwise known as MwanaFalsafa otherwise known as MwanaFA otherwise known as Binamu is Tanzania’s brightest Bongo Flava craftsmen laying hold of the Hip Hop class with a series of hits added to his repertoire. His ubiquity is to a great extent credited by his authority and capacity to form the Swahili dialect into lovely and engaging streams while conveying his message. A holder of a Master of Science (MSc.) in Finance from Coventry University in the United Kingdom MwanaFA has imagined the significance of using the information he has amassed amid his mission for instruction in building a corporate brand around his name and utilize the same as a promoting apparatus for corporates in Tanzania attempting to fabricate a positive picture for their items and in addition satisfying their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) to the Tanzania people group by using his God-offered ability to pass on the message to the mass.

His execution and melodious substance have made him a standout amongst the most acclaimed Bongo Flava craftsmen in Tanzania; a record he has kept for more than 12 years. As a craftsman MwanaFA figured out how to keep up a huge fan base crosswise over Tanzania as he has been making music that identify with the lives of normal Tanzanians. From ‘Ingekuwa Vipi’, ‘Alikufa kwa Ngoma’, ‘Msiache Kuongea’, ‘Bado Nipo’, ‘Yalaiti’ and ‘Ameen’ MwanaFA has demonstrated that he is the best as well as a good example they can identify with.

“My main goal is to reestablish plan to my kindred artists and craftsmen all in all that our ability can work for us.”

Being a notorious artist of our opportunity in Tanzania; MwanaFA tries to be the diagram of both the young in the group who are seeking to think ambitiously, and in addition the specialists attempting to accomplish their actual esteem. MwanaFA expects to show how craftsmanship can be utilized as a vessel to make dependable work in Tanzania. Through his image acknowledgment, MwanaFA expects to rouse the young, and execute proficient dealings which will fill in as models for yearning business people in Tanzania.

MwanaFA picture himself as a pioneer and an operator for change working towards a superior Tanzania by utilizing music as a media of change. As an educated craftsman MwanaFA picture himself as an Ambassador of Hope to young people of Tanzania rousing them to complete a genuine work to accomplish their potential and be beneficial individuals from the group Binamu Initiative

Binamu is a Swahili word that immediate English interpretation is ‘Cousin’. MwanaFA trusts that none of us on this planet is overwhelming and we are for the most part inaccessible cousins. As a major aspect of contacting the group of Tanzania and realize change MwanaFATM has left set for help the individuals who are honored with less by giving them the olive branch and steer them on the correct way through training; formal or professional.

Binamu Initiative Project will target road youngsters in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam being our pilot city). Binamu Initiative will work with the objective gathering by teaching them and preparing them so they can be profitable individuals from the group. The venture should likewise endeavor to discover perpetual settlements for road kids in Tanzania.



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