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Nikki Mbishi X Cjamoker – Wanadai | Download

May 28, 2019 at 08:00
Nikki Mbishi X Cjamoker - Wanadai | Download

Hiphop legend, Nikki Mbishi drops his latest single tagged ‘Wanadai‘ featuring Cjamoker.

Get Nikki Mbishi X Cjamoker – Wanadai here;


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Nikki’s music life began when he was as yet a child. 2 Proud used to be his preferred nearby rapper in 1997 when Nikki Mbishi and his companion Mubarak used to impersonate his rap. He continued developing his melodic aspirations, affected by specialists like Professor J.


He at long last prevailing to record in 2004 under KGT with Flex records. When he completed O-Level he took part In some free-form rap challenges, doing combating it out with mcs like Godzilla,C Feza,Mkristo and Emannuel Massawe, in the end developing as the hero of free-form in season one under DJ Fetty,Adam Mchovu and Reuben Ndege ”Ncha Kali”. He proceeded to record with Tongwe records. His presentation collection, ‘Sauti ya Jogoo’ was discharged by M-Lab.



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