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Roberto – Alright Ft. King Kaka

July 09, 2019 at 14:15
Roberto – Alright Ft. King Kaka

Highflying Zambian musician  has just dropped another charming track that should get fans wild with excitement. His track it titled “Alright” and features celebrated Kenyan musician .

What you have here, if you please, is a track of champs, and the two delivered excellently. It is hard if not impossible not to fall in love with the result. Very hard indeed. The track may well rank as one of King Kaka’s finer collaborations yet.

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 made a fine choice in King Kaka, who may well pass for a Kenyan music heavyweight, the same way Roberto himself is a music heavyweight in . And you know, when two heavyweight singers pair up the result is usually something close to a blast.

Before Roberto hummed “Alright” to the world, he had dropped a couple of “Beautiful” numbers as well as made some international collaborations. Tracks like “African Woman,” released in collaboration with General Ozzy, Dear Lavu,” and “Vitamin U,” released in collaboration with Vanessa Mdee, readily come to mind.

Back home in King Kaka himself has been taking kingly strides. The songster gifted the world an appetizing “Poison” back in April and then he had flown “Far Away,” assisted by Cassidy.

His oeuvre encompasses more than the above, of course. He may also count to his name tracks like “Round One” and “Purple Dust.

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