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Saida Karoli – Kabaka

January 02, 2018 at 09:51
Saida Karoli - Kabaka

Saida Karoli has another hit out titled “Kabaka” . Download Saida Karoli – Kabaka mp3 here:

Saida Karoli - Kabaka (13295 downloads)


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Saida Karoli (conceived April 4, 1976) is a traditionalist Tanzanian vocalist and entertainer who has organized live shows in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.

Karoli was conceived in 1976 in Rwongwe, a little town in the Bukoba Rural region in the northern Tanzanian Kagera Region on the western side of Lake Victoria.[1] “Maria Salome”, a tune from her first collection Chambua kama Karanga achieved number three in airplay on Tanzanian radio. After the melody’s accomplishment in Uganda, she turned out to be prevalently referred to there as Wanchekecha, an epithet got from the verses of the song.[2] She has engaged the Kabaka of Buganda and is a demonstration at Zanzibar’s Sauti Za Busara Festival. Most as of late she was assigned for a few respects at the Kora All-African Music Awards.

In style, Karoli’s music is portrayed as normal with smooth vocals and sleepily rhythmicism. In spite of the fact that she sings basically in her local tongue Haya, her verses likewise consolidate broad Swahili (the normal East African Language) and the infrequent expression in English. She is overseen by Felician Mutta, the CEO of FM Productions LTO.

At the 2005 Tanzania Music Awards her collection Harusi was assigned in the Best Folk Album class [3] and at the 2006 Tanzania Music Awards, she was selected for the Best Female Vocalist category.[4] In 2013, her melody ‘Maria Salome’ was included in the Tyler Perry-delivered film Peeples [5]

In 2016 she was paid sovereignties by Diamond Platinumz for re-trying her melody Salome,



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