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Sheen Skaiz – Miss Me

March 05, 2018 at 06:18
Sheen Skaiz - Miss Me

SA’s Sheen Skaiz has another banger out titled “Miss Me”. Download Sheen Skaiz – Miss Me mp3 here:

Sheen Skaiz - Miss Me (101 downloads)


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SHEEN SKAIZ is a Producer, Rapper, Singer and Song-author, conceived May 25, 1989, hailing from the city of Durban South Africa. His enthusiasm for music, started at 14 years old, when he was acquainted with the circle program called Mix Man. Much to his dismay, this would start a freshly discovered fixation in his life. The primary beat he made was impacted by drum n bass, the music that propelled him growing up was electro, break thumps, trip bounce and rap.

He spent the greater part of his days snared on “Mixmag” and “The Source” magazine, following the ascent of new makers and DJs each year, and viewing the music business change. Being a skateboarder and b-kid growing up, he was constantly acquainted with new music, new societies and specialists. Later on he started to look for all the more intriguing approaches to make music, being a revolutionary against the scholastic framework; he was always occupied by workmanship, portraying, illustrations, and scanning for new sounds.

He at that point started to explore different avenues regarding further developed projects, and extended his arms stockpile as far as creation, raising his abilities by remixing, blending and testing sounds and music from the universe of popular culture. He intertwined rap with electro, exploratory and move music, testing any solid that discovered his attention,keeping his mind opened constantly. While finishing his degree in Creative Brand Communications, He turned into a DJ on the neighborhood club scene, from this he built up an ear for foreseeing the future hits of tomorrow. Word at that point spread that there was a new Rapper/Producer on the ascent, and that being known for his particular style, he was reached by DJ/maker Sketchy Bongo.

This was the start of another collusion. He at that point worked with numerous craftsmen both national and locally ie Ameen Harron, Wtf, Aewon Wolf, Kyle Deutsch, Rasty Noble otherwise known as “Plastic Shadows” and scored music for TV, web and radio adverts.

After extended periods in the studio and battles to break into the music industry,Skaiz at that point collaborated with Plastic Shadows and together with the generation aptitudes of Sketchy Bongo, the coordinated effort started the production of the melody “Drangz and Brangz”. The track increased moment prevalence with nearby and universal audience members, and was supported in the city of Durban, when Durban’s “Shading Festival” utilized it in conjunction with their limited time recordings. Sheen chose the time had come to begin taking some exceptional measure’s, he put as quite a bit of his own assets as he could in to his music, performing at however many gigs as could be allowed around the city, taping and altering his own particular recordings, planning his own particular craftsmanship and pushing a great many free downloads to the majority.

Skaiz chose to enter the track into the 2013 Jägermeister: Back The Artist rivalry. Jägermeister went looking for South Africa’s next hit single, more than 100 specialists had enterd and the Ultimate track had a place with Durban rapper Sheen Skaiz. Sheen Skaiz won R75 000 worth of recording time with one of the greatest makers in Africa, Justin De Nobrega otherwise known as DJ Hi-Tek from the scandalous “Pass on Antwoord”, and in March 2014 he was traveled to Cape Town to record his presentation “EP” at Justin De NoBrega’s studios in Rondebosch. Sheen has a completely blended and masterd EP delivered without anyone else, Justin De Nobrega and sketchybongo on remain by and is at present taking a shot at a media take off of how to discharge this EP, ensuring it is a noteworthy achievement and makes an enormous effect in the business. Music is an escape for Skaiz and his channel to recount his story through the steady up’s and downs of life.

The discharge date of his presentation EP/collection is at present on remain by.



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