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Tanzanian born, Canadian Based cinematographer Alois Nashali Explains his Cinematograpy Career

December 30, 2018 at 11:38
Tanzanian born, Canadian Based cinematographer Alois Nashali Explains his Cinematograpy Career

As one of the up-coming cinematographers, Alois Nashali is a highly passionate and skilled individual currently doing good with his released award-winning short film called sic voices one story, and being able to associate with Canadian Film guru mentors in the Canadian film industry which help him increase his skills and knowledge in cinematography. His journey in cinematography began long before he joined the Algonquin institution.

Alois’s Cinematography Journey

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Alois gained the passion for cinematography in Kenya after he unsuccessfully started and failed in shaping himself as an actor. He then moved to Canada, when he decided to enroll in the Algonquin institution to further his knowledge and increase his success in the cinematography career. Since Joining, the institution, he has gained significant knowledge and understanding of the field. He has, for example, managed to successfully play the role of film producer and produce some films as part of the institutional coursework.

Alois Nashali

Recommendation of the Field to Others.

According to Alois, the field of cinematography is recommended to any individual who feels passionate about shooting films. In this field, passion plays a major role in determining the probability of success. Passionate individuals have the drive to learn more and improve their skills thus making them competent individuals in this field. Comparing the input regarding skills and effort that an individual requires in this field with the benefits and earnings that he or she gains, Alois concludes that it is a worth field to invest time, money and effort in.

Where  Alois sees Himself in Ten Years

In the next, about ten years, Alois visualizes himself as a very successful and world-class cinematographer, representing his Tanzanian heritage and at the same time, monitoring others to further their careers like he did, despite where they may be starting. He aims to help many underprivileged individuals who have potential but lack the means to reach the heights of successful individuals in this field.



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