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Young killer – Hunijui feat Ben Pol and Dully Sykes

July 12, 2018 at 13:15
Young killer - Hunijui feat Ben Pol and Dully Sykes

Have a listen to Young killer’s latest hit single titled “Hunijui” ft. Ben Pol and Dully Sykes.  Download Young killer – Hunijui feat Ben Pol and Dully Sykes mp3 here:

Young killer - Hunijui feat Ben Pol and Dully Sykes (58307 downloads)


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Eriki Msodoki, acclaimed as the Young Killer, is a little craftsman and performer in the music business. She was conceived 19 years prior in Mwanza in a group of six kids, and she was the last tyke.

He is a skilled craftsman, as he plays a melodic flower vegetation in the city like a melodic or dream music, you will think about a craftsman who has been in the workmanship for quite a while due to his singing noticeable all around.

At whatever point a performer asked him where he would sing music, others would reveal to you the school and others would disclose to you that they had become some splendid blessings from a father, mother, uncle, sister, sibling and close relative.

In the meantime the youthful executioner reveals to you he started to love music while he was perusing the second rate class at Lake Mwanza Primary School. He says he was eager to tune in and track music and notwithstanding sing while he was sitting alone.

Notwithstanding singing, he was likewise inspired by following music not exclusively to Tanzania to the world. The craftsman who instigated him to enter music is American craftsman Lil Bow and another Tanzanian is Fid Q, since he is intrigued by how they join the lines.

“The artists and the greater part of them are the ones they did today and I did well, I’ve been following their music, and I’ve been endeavoring to take after their developments with the goal that I can get off the music,” he says.

The music of the melodic Lil Bow was showing that he began music at three years old, and he kept on playing and be comfortable with different parts of the world, and to make extraordinary progress.

In like manner, Fid Q, is a veteran performer in Tanzania and universally, who has awesome music achievement.

Youthful Killer says he likewise began music as a child, he was perusing yet additionally music gave him his possibility however he didn’t have the chance to record until the point when he completed the seventh class in 2008.

The craftsman is glad that in spite of the fact that he was singing music while he was contemplating however he could go to Secondary School and in 2009 he joined Mwanza Secondary School.

“When I prevailing with regards to entering the initial segment I proceeded with music, and here I gave more consideration, as I was attempting to discover parts of the singing so my ability could be seen,” he says.

He said he was blending lessons and music since he was going to the different Mwanza clubs amid the night and appealing to sing on the stage.

He didn’t see the inconvenience or the damage of consolidating music and subjects, he had his timetable, there was an ideal opportunity to peruse and some time he was joining the club.

He says he was having an awesome test finding a shoo in light of the fact that as he was setting off to an alternate club for singing, he was denied on the grounds that he was still a child.

Nonetheless, he was not a failure, subsequent to finishing his secondary school, he met an outstanding music maker like Duke, who joined to work under the studio called Dar Laboratori.

Under the studio he could record out of the blue his melody called The Tungo where he sang to the pixie tail, however he didn’t do well thus he didn’t hear excessively.

He says he re-recorded his different melodies as wounds, champs, issues, and issues however every one of them neglected to do well.

The craftsman says he didn’t give up and went ahead with the battle endeavors to escape his direction.

Luckily, in 2012 there was a Fiesta whiz ability rivalry composed by the Clouds broadcasting station in all locales of Tanzania, went for acquiring ability portrayal at the Fiesta Festival.

He said he came to Mwanza with numerous other youngsters to get an opportunity to declare his ability. He says every one sang, and after that he was the general champ from Mwanza.

“I was grateful on the grounds that my ability showed up lastly I was been a champ in favor of Mwanza,” he says.

He says he had the chance to play out the Mwanza Fiesta shooting out of the blue, and to prevail all through all locales of Tanzania and the considerable craftsmen and to make them with various shoots. Young Killer How We Do ft. Khaligraph Jones.

The immense one he says does not overlook in his melodic life, not long after he gets a possibility he jumped on the stage and sing one American craftsman and craftsman Riki Rose, since he never longed for meeting him or climbing one stage, that was an extraordinary solace to him.

He says we will always remember that Tanzania has numerous extraordinary craftsmen, yet they have never had such an opportunity to sing one stage with the craftsman, yet he is an extremely fortunate craftsman. Young Killer How We Do ft. Khaligraph Jones.

When he originates from the party cycle his unique contract was finished, so he recovered his position with the other studio which he has so far called Classic Sound under the performer Mona Gangstar.

He talks through another understanding, and afterward started to present his new show named Dear gambe, which has been doing admirably.



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