News Anchor speaks for the first time after her release from prison

November 29, 2016 at 07:48

The KTN beauty was put behind bars for giving an account of the 2 hour battle between the royal guards and armed forces at Rwenzururu palace in Kasese town.
A battle that escalated into a blood-bath leaving about 62 people dead and including 46 royal guards of the Rwenzururu kingdom.
An attack that has been termed as executions by Amnesty International who condemned the excessive use of force by the Ugandan army and their police force when carrying out the raid in the palace.
Police spokesperson on the other hand claimed that it was the royal guards of the kingdom who attacked them and not the other way round.
Mr Kaweesi said while speaking to journalists.
Joy gave an account of the horrible attack in this Facebook post that her thrown into prison and accused of abetting terrorism:
After being released after getting detained for more than 12 hours, Doreen sent this message:
But the coast is not clear yet as
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