Chigul warns people to stop advising her

October 05, 2017 at 10:30
Chigul warns people to stop advising her

Comedienne and actress chigul warned people to stop advising her on what to eat. The beautiful plus size comedienne ventured into acting some years ago. She has starred in the movies Road to yesterday, Banana Island Ghost and is in The wedding party 2.

Forty one year old Chioma Omeruah popular known as Chigurl is a divorcee. On the King Women series with Kemi Adetiba, Chigurl said that she was a virgin till she married at the age of 33. Known for her thick igbo accent, Chigurl who has a good body carriage doesn’t look forty one.  Of course as all plus sized people are addressed over weight issues, Chigurl is also a victim of sneers and nasty comments. She posted a video warning off all weight advisers.

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“I have said many times that I don’t really mind the trolls, trolls are there, opinion are yours. You can say what you want but please, all of you advisers stop telling me what I should be eating. Don’t come up to me and tell me, oh you shouldn’t be drinking that minerals, meanwhile you look like a four bedroom flat. It can’t, it doesn’t work. You are coming to advise me on my diet meanwhile… are as big as a JP tank. I say  no, I turn it to you. You mind what you are eating, because something is not working”.

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