Actor Ibrahim Suleiman drops a note to fans who judge celebrities because of their past actions.

February 13, 2019 at 12:47
Ibrahim Suleiman

Actor Ibrahim Suleiman drops a note to fans who judge celebrities because of their past actions

Actor Suleiman Ibrahim who married the love of his life last year, Ihuoma Linda Ejiofor shared some messages on Twitter. He talked about fans who judge and cancel out celebrities for their past mistakes. He tweeted:

“I have a question. So everybody knows I’m not a fan of draw soups. Say in 2029, I go somewhere and eat one absolutely bomb draw soup, and decide that draw soup is THE best thing in the world, y’all gonn dig up my tweets from a decade before, and call me a hypocrite?”

“Because the way you people are moving mad with this “cancelling culture”, I am wondering where room is for people to evolve and change over time. Before you declare someone “Cancelled”, ask yourself, “am I the exact same person I was yesterday?” Short answer: No. Fix up.”

Ibrahim Suleiman reacts to the current rise in the rate at which celebrities are being canceled by fans

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