Actress, Praise Obonna Suffers Domestic Violence

June 08, 2018 at 14:40
Praise Ogbonna

Praise Ogbonna shares her domestic violence story on Instagram.

Nollywood actress, Praise Ogbonna has taken to instagram to share her domestic violence story, as she suffers recently in the hands of her so called lover.

According to her, she regrets not listening to her friend, whom she said, warned her against her man. She noted her frustrations, as she says she is tired of getting hurt for being nice to people.

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The actress who is currently on the run as advised by her friend, says that she never thought she would be a victim of domestic violence. She feels worthless, she said.

read her story below;

This is what I get for being in love. Someone should better talk senses into me now, or else I would use the last items on the last slide on me now.
This is what i get for being nice, people always hurting me. Getting beaten up by a man.
#domesticviolencevictim I do not know who I am anything, I am tired of suppressing feelings deep inside of me.
Tired of smiling and suffering, from one challenge to the other and now this. I can’t believe I would ever be a victim, it hurts really bad. I feel worthless.”


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