Are american artists stealing Wizkid’s style?

September 28, 2017 at 12:37
Are american artists stealing Wizkid's style?

Wizkid as hot topic on American TV show

On a Tv show  named Everyday Struggle, US rapper  Joe Budden blasts american artists for stealing wizkid music style and not buying his album.

Everyday Struggle is a morning show where popular rapper Joe Budden and internet sensation DJ Akademiks discusses issues and topics on hip hop and pop culture. It is also anchored with MTV News journalist Nadeska Alexis. The show which airs Monday – Thursday also invites guests to join conversations.

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While analyzing the latest social media buzz and talking about how 50 cents has created a division in New York music,  Joe Budden mentioned Wizkid’s album as amazing. Though he called Wizkid’s style Caribbean, Nadeska Alexis a co-host corrected that Wizkid’s style is Afro-beat not Caribbean and that he is Nigerian. Wizkid’s feature song with Drake was also mentioned and considered good. Joe Budden said: “Wizkid’s album came out and we’ve never talked about it and it’s amazing. I don’t think it’s fair that you niggas can steal Wizkid’s Caribbean fucking  style and flow and song writing and then not buy the fucking album”.  It was agreed that Wizkid is moving song culture forward. This was mentioned in 42:51 minutes of the show.

As far as we like our super boy being mentioned on top shows, we will also like for the shows to get facts right that  everything Wizkid is Naija.




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