Brymo Boasts About his Songwriting Prowess, Says he’s Nigeria’s Best

December 07, 2017 at 06:17

Brymo blows his trumpet on this one.

Singer, Brymo, in a recent interview with Pulse says he is the best songwriter in the country. When it comes to making money from music, he is among the top three in Nigeria, he said.

According to the singer here has been a lot of great people in the industry like Fela but there is none for now as good as him.


Excerpts below;

Can you honestly declare your assets? can you honestly declare to us how much you’ve sold? how much you’ve earned in royalties off your music? I think i’m doing better than everybody in that regard as well, in the last 5 years. So maybe you got money from your money laundering friends or your Godfather, I don’t know, but if you are making money from music, i think i am easily top 3 musicians in Nigeria,” 

“The bulk of the things I say online is to pretty much draw people’s attention to what is important. A time will come in the nearest future where there will be a Nigerian artiste who plays the guitar as good as Carlos Santana, who writes as well as Brymo, who sings as well as Asa. Who does everything well. Who will probably be better than all of us. That day will come. 

But for now, I feel very little attention is being paid to content. So every opportunity I get to make people say “What is That?” I use it. And currently, as it stands, there’s not been one Nigerian in history with my songwriting prowess or vocal dexterity or even stage presence.

There has been a lot of great people, especially when you mention the greats like Fela, without any doubt, who happens to be my number one mentor. But as today stands, the present generation did not listen to Fela so you cannot sell that to them, they will tell you “Yeah! Fela was great, Fela was great,” but what are they listening to now? Somebody needs to get their attention and tell them: ‘look over here, this will help your life more. This will help you find calm and help you find peace. And if that’s not what is ‘greatest’, then what is?” 

Brymo was recently dragged to court by his former record label for not honoring their contract.

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