Caroline Danjuma: A mystery behind Tagbo’s Death.

October 04, 2017 at 11:26
Caroline Danjuma

 Do you think the Story of Caroline Danjuma’s deceased family, Tagbo, appears like a crime thriller? Something like the re-occurring line in Kunle Afolayan’s October 1st “who is the killer”.

Caroline Danjuma is breaking the net with her recent allegations. The former actress, 2face ex and former wife to billionaire Musa Danjuma, accused Davido and friends of dumping the dead body of her brother, Tagbo at General Hospital on Monday. She deleted the accusing post on her Instagram page few hours later. The news has caused a raucous on the internet.

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Davido where is Tagbo …. he was with you and ur crew last night … you all wore face cap to hide your identities after he died in ur car.. u dumped him at general hospital and ran away … the law must play its role this time .. you all better provide Tagbo alive .. @davidoofficial. After you all abandoned him at general hospital you continued you stupid grooving at DNA and had the nerves to promote ur show .. this ain’t no ordinary boy you can intimidate his family … we need you to tell us how he died in ur car and why u ran away.. the police and the hospital confirmed u all ran away .. if u think ur money can save u , u just met ur match . Promise .

After deleting the post, Caroline Danjuma posted a picture of late Tagbo and announced that Tuesday 3rd of October was his birthday.

Late Tagbo was supposed to add a yearSource: Instagram.

Could Alcohol be the cause of death as claimed?

Could Alcohol be the cause of death as claimed? According to a source that LIB met with, Davido spent few minutes at club DNA and moved off to another club. Davido had left the club at that time, the source said. There has been no report from Davido over Caroline’s allegation.

Tagbo, Davido & crew  Tagbo, Davido & crew

Caroline Danjuma’s post includes curses and will to unravel the mystery. She also denied that he wasn’t an alcohol addict. LIB also revealed a video of the deceased probably in a drink bet. So many people have contributed their quota to the story on social media. While some believe Caroline could be saying the truth, majority believe it was just another popularity stunt. They blasted and are still blasting the beauty. A close scrutiny at the video shows Tagbo dropping a cup, picking another one with  two fingers raised up, a voice sayin “bad boy, you no get body ooo” then he drops the drink and tells someone “how much”. Then someone picked a bottled water from the table and two cups is seen directly in front of Tagbo. Davido was not in the video frame.

The cause of Tagbo’s death has not been deciphered and probably because people at the party were mostly drunk. But who dropped him at the hospital? Was there no security at the hospital that took note?



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