Daddy Freeze Gives Terms and Conditions that Leads to him Blocking People on his Page

March 13, 2018 at 11:17
Daddy Freeze

If you haven’t violated any of these terms, you may choose to appeal.

Free the Sheeple campaigner who recently turned online pastor, Daddy Freeze has given reasons why he blocks people on his page.

The OAP made this known on his social media space where he gave a list of rules to guide his followers. He however, asked that those that were blocked but feel they haven’t violated any of his rules, to appeal.

His words below;

Hi guys were you blocked on my page recently?

Any of these could have been the reason why.

If you feel you haven’t violated the terms of my page and were blocked in error, please send a DM to @eye.renee and @fabmumof4 appealing the block.

1. Rude comments; this leads to instant blocking.

2. Although I tolerate free speech and you can ask or raise questions, it must be done politely and from a real account. Account with no picture, private accounts or troll accounts cannot question me and will be blocked if they attempt to.

3. People who don’t know how to talk. I am not responsible for your parents failure at bringing you up. So if you can’t communicate properly with decorum, you are blocked. Statements like “what is this one saying” etc will earn you a block.

4. Sheeple who are so blind to the truth. Tithing as a doctrine is false for Christianity, there is no debate to this fact, it’s not an opinion it’s a fact. If you come too aggressively defending this sinful folly, I help you out by blocking you so you can continue enjoying the wickedness of your pastor.

5. Online beggars.

6. Sarcastic comments about my family @tastebudzng and any other member of my family.


So guys, if you wish to remain Daddy Freeze’s follower, consider following these rules first.


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