Flavour’s friend and Promoter James Atuma Receives Backlash for Making Derogatory Comments at Women

October 11, 2017 at 12:56
Flavour's Promoter

Flavor’s friend and official show promoter, James Atuma has been called out for saying calling out dark, slim girls and light skinned girls.

Get in here ladies, this one’s for you and the guys who love their ladies and won’t take any shit thrown at them!

In an Instagram post, James stated that light skinned girls are only good as house helps and shouldn’t be considered for marriage.


His post below…

Speaking of Light Skinned girls, the promoter said that they are only useful as side chicks and shouldn’t be considered as marriage.

Trust Nigerians to always react to stuffs like this and as expected, the reactions were not very nice.

Some of the reactions below…

 What are your thoughts on this one guys, is it a yay, or a nay?


  1. Nd someone like him is good for nothing

  2. Since we are good as house help, oya employ us na

  3. You talk a lot of shit about women’s beauty shame on u

  4. You are a good for nothing fool

  5. This is so sad,he shud be ashamed of his ugly self

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