Get Sex Doll for your Husband if he Wants One- Actress, Seyi Hunter

January 23, 2018 at 11:54
Seyi Hunter

Seyi Hunter advocates the use of pleasure gadgets.

Nollywood and actress and sex vlogger, Seyi Hunter has weighed in on the lingering Sex Doll topic. Unlike many others, the actress is of the opinion that it is good to use pleasure gadgets.

In an interview with TheNewsGuru, the actress stressed the need for women to allow their partners use intimacy gadgets. She stated that those gadgets help explore the body.

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She says that instead of seeing sex dolls as a threat, she sees it as a welcome development as it is an option to when the real deal is unavailable.

She then advised that women should get their men sex doll if they so desire it. People have different fetish and sex doll might just be one of it, she said.

Her words below;

I encourage people to use intimacy gadgets cause it makes us discover our body, all our pleasure areas and our center of gravity. It should also be used when you’re Hot and your partner isn’t available. So there is no difference between a intimacy gadget and a sex doll. Personally I believe a sex doll is not a threat but a welcome option when the real deal is not available or accessible. Some people have their fetish and a sex doll might be it.”

“If their husbands like the sex doll and cannot afford it, they better encourage him to buy it, so he’ll be home more. A sex doll can’t get pregnant or give infection. You all can take a break from all the side chicks. In fact if you think your man likes it, buy it for him.

Now this is just another perspective on the topic.



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