International Day of the Girl Child: Our World, Not a Man’s World

October 11, 2018 at 13:55
International Day of the Girl Child

With the life of every human in a society, comes some set rules, with dos and don’ts revolving round societal codes and conducts. Today being the International Day for the Girl Child, let’s look at these rules, with our eyes on the imbalance, between the ‘girl code’ and the ‘boy code’.

The girl child is expected to be so many things, with high standards and expectations placed on her. While the society expects her to be free from vices, the preys are left roaming like the Biblical roaring lion, looking for who to devour. So many times, there have been cases of violence against the female gender. Rape and and other vices are on the rise. The questions as to whom to blame hasn’t been entirely answered with fairness.

In families, the male child is given ample freedom to be whoever they want to be, while the females are camped, court and disciplined. A male child eats but he is immune to entering into the kitchen. Sometimes, they know so little that doing the dishes proves to be a bit of a task. Do not wear skimpy things for the fear of sexual molestation, says the mother, but how much does the little boy know of self control? A girl is thought to be feeble because they are of the weaker sex, but little is thought to them about standing up for themselves to fend for and make a living, on their own. Little wonder, young ladies see their sexual organs as money making tools.

The International Day for the Girl Child is for the boy too.

As we celebrate the girls and all that she is, including everything we hope for the future generation of women, let us take a look at the boy.

A society is made up of male and females. What need, therefore, is there, for a generation of morally upright females, but devoid of  right thinking men.

When the world begins to breed men whose thoughts can complement the moral standards of the women, then there might just be success in the course of attaining a free generation.

Beyond the traditional plights of the girl, the world needs to open itself up to the realities of the home. Focus should be placed on the male child too. If we are all humans then humanity should be expected from all gender. The girl shouldn’t be a slave to the boy in the home by doing all the chores. Remember, none of these things comes with a genital mark. As Abraham Lincoln will say, “if God waned a world of drones and dredges, he will create some people with mouth, without hands, and others with hands without mouths.”

If a boy can eat, he can wash the plates. If the male child can go out at night without fear of sexual molestation by the girls, the girl child should too. Teach your sons right. The world is for both male and female, it isn’t a man’s world.

Happy International Day for Girl Child.


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