Kiki Osinbajo Opens Beauty Home in Abuja

September 13, 2017 at 13:58
Kiki Osinbajo Opens Beauty Home in Abuja

Daughter of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo officially opens her Beauty company, Glam’d Studios.

Kiki Osinbajo in a grand opening ceremony ope3ne3d the doors of her beauty shop to socialites and beauty enthusiasts to flag off the pioneer project of her beauty brand with a mission to further enhance Nigeria’s thriving industry.

The opening ceremony which held at the premises of the beauty  place at no. 40, Durban Street, Wuse3 II. Abuja had in attendance several beauty enthusiasts, the Vice Presidant and his wife Members of the Nation’s second family and a host of other celebrities.


Photos from the event bellow…


























BellaNaija Beauty: What was your first experience with makeup like? Any notable memories?

Kiki Osinbajo: I think my earliest memory of actually wearing makeup was in high school. Of course we were not allowed to wear any makeup in school, but I remember my friends and I used to wear this eyeliner called ‘Kajal’. It’s hilarious to think about it now because at the time I thought I looked amazing with it on! I used to really over-line my eyes with it then add on tons and tons of lipgloss. Now when I look back at old photos I cringe because I definitely looked like a panda! So embarassing!

BN Beauty: When did you first discover that this (Glam’d Africa) was something you had to do?

Kiki: I once read somewhere if you do something you are passionate about, you never work a day in your life. I’ve always been a big fan of all things beauty and when I was in school my friends and I would save up so we could buy things from our favourite beauty brands. I remember attending an event in the UK called ’The Clothes Show’ and I met some of my favourite make up artists which was an amazing experience for me. Since then it has been a dream of mine to be able to have an event just like that one day as well as a beauty store.

A key part of the vision of Glam’d Africa was to create a ‘Co-working Space’. This would essentially be a hub for beauty businesses where makeup artists, beauty brands, clothing brands, accessories and nail artists all come under one roof to co-exist. By co-existing it would eliminate some of the things that makes starting up a business difficult and enable people to easily share knowledge to learn from and strengthen each other. With the amount of amazing work people are doing I felt like if we all come together shared the burden we would carry less! It also would broaden the customer base for each business.

One of the things I’m really excited about is our “makeup co-working space” which is targeted at freelance makeup artists. The space can be rented for makeup artists who don’t have studios. All they have to do is book the space for the amount of hours they need it for and come and attend to their clients. For some people they have jobs and do makeup on the side, this eliminates the need to rent a studio for the year and also in slow months they have no losses as they only book when they need to.

We also wanted to create a space where beauty enthusiasts can gain knowledge on how to get into the beauty industry. Here, we will hold talks from experts in the business and offer free training courses. It’s always helpful to hear the “dos and don’ts” of the industry from those who have first-hand knowledge and hear their stories of their journey to success. More details about this can be found on our website www.glamdafrica.com or on any of our social media platforms.

She advised young entrepreneurs to plan, keep planning and never stop planning. she said that they should look up to successful professionals in their fields and never give up even when they fall because if God will bless their works, he will bless it well.

Source: Bellanaija.com


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