Look who Stepped on the Tail of a Viper; Mr Easy

September 12, 2017 at 13:02
Look who Stepped on the Tail of a Viper; Mr Easy

Mr Easy is yet to see the last of Nigerian keypad warriors after he said Nigerian artists copy Ghanaian music style.

Banku Music pioneer, Mr Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, a Nigerian singer with the stage name Mr Eazi claimed that Nigerian artists are now found of using Ghanaian lexicons while recording their music.

In an interview with Capital Extra Mr Eazi said, 70% of Nigerian artist come to Ghana every year playing shows using words like: shitton, Mami, Sika, Oddo, Banku on shows and in the studio.


He also claimed that most African Afrobeat Hiphop stars are all on the Ghana-Nigeria merger emphasizing with much relevance on Ghanaian music over Nigerian artist.

In his words, “The speed at which I’ve moved is scary to me…cause it took my contemporaries five, six years, and that is what has been this year, if you want to count like five afrobeat, it’s like everybody just realized that ‘yo what formula is Mr Eazi using?’ Ok we’re gonna end up doing it. December last year almost 60% of Nigerian artiste were in Ghana playing shows”

Eazi in an attempt to discredit the use of Ghanaian ele3ments in Nigerian Music went further to say, “It’s just like an American artist just rapping about something in the UK, and you know he has no knowledge of it.”

His statement has encountered reactions on twitter with many downplaying him for being an ingrate and not having fair respect for Nigeria which is the major entertainment hub of Africa.

Nigerian Twitter reacts…






Keypad Warriors not going very easy on Mr. Easy.










Runtown, didn’t waste time to clap back at the musician as he tweeted thus ”Bout to drop that new sound again and pls Don’t get mad when i finish what you think you started”

This is not the first time Mr. Easy will be criticised for satements about Ghana influencing Nigerian Music.


  1. If you have an issue with Mr Eazi, make him the subject and leave Ghana outta it.

  2. Mr eazi is overrated though lets be honest

  3. Nigerians dont copy we are the best in Africa

  4. Be humble young man,you have not made it yet

  5. Ninjas will make him hate himself for this blander

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