Nigerian Lady Offers 300 Thousand Naira to Anyone that can Provide the Whereabouts of Alleged Cyber Bully

October 11, 2017 at 12:17
Nigerian Lady

Nigerian lady who claims to have been stalked and bullied online by someone she has never met offers to give three hundred thousand naira to anyone who can give information that can help her locate him.

Posting the picture of the alleged  stalker, the lady,  Sandra Iheuwa alleged that the guy has been staking her and telling lies about her so she wishes to put him in jail for that if only she can get his location which she believes to be Abuja; all she needs is the exact location.

She wrote,


”If anyone knows where this nitwit lives in Abuja please DM me I will reward the person N300k this guy has been cyberbullying me since last year and writing lies about me especially for someone that I have never met a day in my life and this has to stop right now. I want to take action and use him as a scapegoat you can’t come online and discredit my character I will NOT take it from this stalker. If you all know this guy or know where be stays DM me with correct information and 300k reward will be given to you. Please share this post until this nitwit is found this guy needs to spend quality time in jail.”

Her post with the images of the bully

Cyber Bullying in considered a grievous offence that ids punishable by the law as it has led to the death of so many people in the past especially teenagers.

Source: Gistreel

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I hope you are not try to pull our leg oo how do I believed you? Nd wt proff can you show for it……


I need to see you in person first, I’m ABJ

I think I know this guy you are tallking about, we both attended the same primary school in maitama abuja but he traveled out of the country and retune back. I know him and is family. That have a family house at jabi but he no longer stay there believing he is a man on his own. He moved out with his girlfriend but not married yet. We ran across each other in owerri last month and I promise to pay him a visit in abuja as soon as am done with what am doing in owerri, so he gave… Read more »

I promise to get you the guy full details and locaton in the next 72 hours if you give me the details needed. Or send me your phone number to my email and call you


I’m not here to joke or play hide and seek game…. Call me on this no07032397479 and the guy way about will and the place he stayed right now in abj will be all your.

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