Nollywood Actress, Habibat Janid Speaks on her Encounter with Instagram Lesbian

April 12, 2018 at 09:09
Habibat Jinad

Habibat Jinad leaked her conversation with a lesbian.

Nollywood actress, Habibat Jinad, speaks on her encounter with a lesbian, who slid into her DM to woo her. The actress who had earlier posted her chat with the lady, on her Instagram page, spoke more on the encounter in a recent interview.

The actress, stated her displeasure over acts of lesbianism, describing it as ‘nonesense’. She however, thinks there are a lot of men out there to satisfy a woman’s sexual needs.

Her words below;

A fan slides into my Instagram page and sent a direct message, just to express herself to me, and I told her that “I’m not a lesbian”. That was how the whole thing began.

I don’t know her from Adam; I thought she’s one of my normal fans. I saw her messages on Instagram, she said “hello” and I replied her with “Hi”, which are normal greetings, not knowing that she’s a lesbian and she proceed in asking me out.

Lolz! I wouldn’t know. Some of my fans do say I am beautiful and that might get her attracted to me. However, I still see it as nothing but rubbish.

How can you be hunting your fellow women for sex when you have a lot of hard disks around you? For real, it’s crazy.

Sexual activity between women and it is nonsense.


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