Photos of Juliet Ibrahim, Boyfriend and Sibling on Birthday Vacation

March 07, 2018 at 09:02
Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim is vacationing with her boyfriend, her sisters and their partners.

Following her birthday, Juliet Ibrahim and her Nigerian boyfriend, Iceberg Slim are on a vacation in Sao Tome Island.

In pictures shared on Instagram, Juliet and her partner were pictured with her beautiful sisters and their boyfriends.

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If one should judge from Iceberg’s birthday message to her, one would say that he took her on vacation. This is because while he wished her a happy birthday, he asked her to pack her bags and meet her at the airport. The result, one would easily assume, is the vacation.

His words;

Happy Birthday, my Queen ? Pack a LIGHT bag, bring your passport, and meet me at the airport ?

Pictures from the vacation below;

Her beautiful per-birthday pictures here.

A belated happy birthday to her.


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