Pirated Copies of Genevieve’s Lion Heart Sold for N150 in Lagos Traffic

January 09, 2019 at 10:37
Lion Heart

Barely a week after Genevieve Nnaji’s movie, Lion Heart made its debut as the first Nigerian movie on Netflix, Nigerians have made pirated copies of the movie.

Man shares his concern over Lion Heart piracy.

A concerned Lagosian took to social media to register his shock after he saw copies of the movie being sold for a paltry 150 Naira. Noting that he spotted the sale in Lagos traffic, he noted how uncool the act is.

He however states that it is barely a week after the movie started showing on Netflix.

He wrote:

“Can you imagine how these people spoil people’s business? Common, this movie is not even 1 week old and it’s already selling in traffic for N150. This is bleeped up and sad after all the work a person will put into a movie? Naaaaa COMMON!”

Recall that the movie just hit Nigerian cinemas after it first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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