Speed Darligton Reveals the only Gift he wants for his Birthday

March 13, 2019 at 10:27
Speed Darlington

Singer, Speed Darlington turns a year older today and has in an Instagram Live video, revealed what he wants for his birthday.

According to him, the only thing he wants for his birthday is “big booty girls”. Stating the reason why he needs the girls, the singer, however, revealed that he has never had a threesome. This is something he wished to get behind him before the next general elections, he said.

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Speed Darlington gives reasons why girls should have a threesome with him

Stating unequivocally that he does not have money to offer any girl that wishes to go down with him, the singer stated that he is only willing to pay for the hotel. His ‘African champion’ status is, however, enough for any girl to want to go down with him, he said.

Why should you? Because I’m African champion, that’s why. That’s enough reason to f*** me and be a part of my threesome experience, he said.

Well, let’s just wish him a happy birthday.


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