“We as Christians need to embrace divorce” – Daddy Freeze

March 13, 2019 at 16:41
Daddy Freeze

“We as Christians need to embrace divorce” – Daddy Freeze

According to Daddy Freeze on Instagram, divorce should be embraced by Christians. Read his reasons below:

We as Christians need to embrace divorce in situations where it becomes inevitable. Although our teachers taught us otherwise, it is now clear that those teachers are untaught when it comes to the true meaning of Christianity, teaching traditions of men instead.

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A person in an abusive marriage would have a higher tendency to yield to the temptation to cheat or sin.

Christ clearly said that if your Good eye or strong hand should make you sin, remove it, let alone your already bad marriage.

Christ said that adultery is the only reason why divorce can be permitted. Lets remember that our Lord and savior also said that looking lustfully at a woman is already adultery. (Matthew 5:28)

"We as Christians need to embrace divorce" - Daddy Freeze says



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