Wow! Bus Driver Without Legs Spotted in Lagos

May 16, 2018 at 12:15

One of the very rare sights one gets to behold in Lagos.

It is no news that most Nigerians migrate from their homes to Lagos, the Center of Excellence to find a living.

As one steps out on the streets of Lagos, it becomes sure that you would be confronted with an anomaly. The hustling spirit of Lagosians is what sets them aside from the people of every other city. Whatever it takes, people will always want to ‘make it’ in Lagos. This, of course is the reason why no one is dull in the city, else…

According to a twitter user, she was shocked to discover that the driver of the bus she boarded had no legs. This has got so many people reacting on twitter.

Pictures below;

It is just amazing what lengths people go to make a living in this country.

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