Your Career Died with your Father- Fan Blasts Dr. Sid

April 12, 2018 at 08:20
Dr. Sid

Dr. Sid responds to fan who mentioned his father in her shade.

A fan of Dr. Sid has taken to twitter to ask if he is still a artiste. According to her, the Surulere crooner’s career died when his father died.

Well, the fact that the young lady chose to drag his father, late Justus Esiri into her shade, didn’t seat well with him. He was quick to respond, as he pointed out her disrespectful manner.

Read below;

Are you still an artist? As your father died, he died with you career too

The singer responded thus;

Everyone 1ce in awhile an idiot like u comes along and seeks attention by saying something disrespectful, usually i’d ignore u and use the block button but i will never condone u referencing my late father. u don’t respect me, thats fine but remember u sef go die 1 day. FOH

Without remorse, the lady went on to describe him as a wasteful soul. She wrote;

But its true na…he’s father died with his career shuu!!! Am I lying. Shutup is Dr sid an artist tok true….he’s a wasted soul. Now I feel so much pity for u


  1. The girl is very stupid how is that your business

  2. this is hilarious

  3. wow that is so mean

  4. that is so bad

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