“I became an outcast in my estate when I got pregnant” Lady Bee talks about the challenges she faced as a young mother

February 09, 2017 at 16:03
Lady Bee

Lady Bee has had it tough but despite it all, she has become a strong that cannot be put down by anything or anyone. In a recent post she shared to celebrate her all grown daughter, the gospel singer revealed some painful things she faced when she realized she was pregnant at a young age.

In the post shared on her official instagram page, Lady Bee pours out her heart to her lovely daughter who has grown into a fine lady. However she talks about some of the hardships she faced including being an outcast in her estate simply because she was sexually active.

Lady Bee's daughter, Yvonne

Lady Bee’s daughter, Yvonne

According to Lady Bee many women did not want her to associate with their daughter as she was bad influence. Even after this the singer says she never gave up and as she saw her daughter as a blessing to her life.

She went on to reveal that her baby daddy passed on when her daughter turned 5 years but God has been faithful to her. Checkout the post below:

Toto ❤❤❤ When I see this beautiful soul waaaaa am telling you God is so faithful I can testify..I remember when I was told am pregnant wololoooo,I was hiding from my mum

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