Prezzo threatens to flash his private parts on TV after a fight with his ex, Michelle Yola (Video)

January 23, 2017 at 13:13
Michelle Yola

Things are getting harder between Michelle Yola and Prezzo who are apparently running an on and off relationship. The couple recently brought the Nairobi Diaries reality show to a stand still after a petty fight that escalated to Prezzo threatening to remove his pants during the shows reunion.

Well, these two are by far one of the most controversial couples in reality television in East Africa. The couple who has publicly been back and forth with one another and even battled cheating rumors continue to entertain fans on Nairobi Diaries with their issues.

Yola and Prezzo

Yola and Prezzo before their recent disagreement

Though one can assume they do it just for TV purposes, one of the cast members revealed that the rapper and his woman are often very dramatic.

His recent actions however revealed that he was fed up with the on and on relationship and though he contradicts himself by going back to his ex, things between the two will never change.

Anyway, does this mean that the two are done? Well, no. The two are still together and are not planning to split anytime soon. In the past we have seen rapper Prezzo and Michelle Yola have worse fights and still hold on to each other.

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