Reviews on Camp Mulla’s TPF performance!

July 31, 2012 at 09:31

Camp Mulla haters have been having a field day at the expense of Kenya’s most prolific act.

And they have taken to trolling the group’s facebook page. Don’t get me wrong, i for one believe in constructive criticism but when people take to regurgitating spite, i refuse to be party to that.

The bone of contention that the haters are using to beat down these youngsters is their TPF performance this past Sunday. And the bile being spewed on the page ranges from the relevant to to absurd! some are talking about their clothes and others their hairstyles but i won’t go off on a tangent.

All i will say is that artists have genuine fans who have opinions and artists should take them seriously in order to grow. Camp Mulla’s true fans are those with genuine criticism that is aimed at helping the youngsters grow and be even bigger. The rest talking about how they never really liked the group need to simply unlike the page and stop pretending to be trolls!

These guys are young and they have a bright future that will only get brighter so all your hate doesn’t really scathe them. but they do have a lot to learn and they should be humble enough to learn from their fans.

This is my humble opinion.


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