Babes Wodumo speaks on being a pastor’s kid

July 19, 2018 at 07:35
Babes Wodumo speaks on being a pastor's kid

Babes Wodumo is a pastor’s kid, something that has had many of her haters question her role as one. For her however, she is sure that she has received her father’s blessing.

Her father’s job will never change the way she lives and portrays herself.


“Babes Wodumo is a girl from the township…who loves God a lot…a person who loves to have a good time, I love having a good time, wherever people are having a good time I follow…”

She feels her parents are proud of her as they are constantly boasting about her to the church congregation.

If there’s a need for me to be voted for, he [her dad] stands on the pulpit and asks the congregation to vote for me, my dad is full of love, he wears shirts that are written ‘Babes Wodumo’ and says: “Can you see who I look like?”…and he’d say “Do you know Babes Wodumo? I’m her father” So I think they are proud of me“.


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