I am beyond my skin: Refilwe Modiselle puts across

September 13, 2017 at 14:59
I am beyond my skin: Refilwe Modiselle puts across

“I think what many don’t grasp is the irritation of being asked to participate in albinism dynamics where we are grouped.”

Born in Soweto, South African model Refilwe Modiselle wants to be treated as more than ‘someone with albinism.’ In a lengthy post on her social media, she decided to let people know exactly just how she feels. She hit at the industry for always hiring her to be a part of ‘albinism dynamics’ and disregarding her hard work. She appealed to people to give credit where it is due, other than focusing on ones skin color or conditions.


“I get that I’ve become a great example to those that find inspiration & I’m proud of being that icon…but I’m very tired of being requested for work engagements because there’s an interview or show where someone successful with albinism is required for content to sell.

Refilwe Modiselle

She went ahead to question normal integration in the industry, wishing that people would understand that she is more than her skin.

“What happened to normal integration, in showing that success? I wish people/broadcasters/producers etc would understand that you are beyond your skin… there’s more required to build your success as a person…”

She put her point saying that her success had more to do with her capabilities and hard work, than her albinism.

“If my success was attributed to my albinism then every other person would make it don’t you think… & that’s not the case… because you are still you, beyond what your looks are… something more has to account for what you offer & I’ve worked damn hard in my life to get to where I am & still maintain that ethos.

Can more respect be given for talents possessed as individuals before making an assumption that success comes with the colour of your skin. Can one be engaged because of the quality of what one is able to bring to the table. You are responsible for your life & God the master of your plan. There are far more greater things that make a person than a condition. This applies across the board.”

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Positivity all the way


valid points only miss

Nthabi M

people act surprised that u have made something out of yourself

Vicky Mpho

I respect u alot Refilwe


yessssss girl word!

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