Blue Mbombo speaks on maintaining her fame

January 12, 2018 at 11:56
Blue Mbombo speaks on maintaining her fame

Blue Mbombo has grown in her career. Since becoming famous, maintaining it has not been an easy journey.

During a recent interview on Cliff Central, Blue talked about the important lessons she has learnt in the industry.


“To become famous or to become a celebrity, it’s very easy I mean. You just go to a show like Big Brother and within a week you’re already known by everyone. But maintaining it is where the difficult part comes in.”

She mentioned that being on Big Brother helped her gain a lot of exposure.

“I always say that Big Brother is different from all the other reality shows. Because you’ve got publicity every day. You’ve got cameras 24/7 and for someone like me who was there from day 1 until the last day, that was actually quite a big exposure for me. But maintaining this fame has been very difficult.”

Blue has loved the changes that came with her fame on Big Brother.

“Everything has changed, but I actually love the change because after Big Brother I couldn’t even step out of the house without screaming my name, doing something crazy or just crying. But now things have calmed down a bit. The life I used to live in 2015 in comparison to now has completely changed for me.”

Since stepping into the scene, Blue has been an ambassador Clere, and one of the faces of hair brand Dark & Lovely.

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