Derick Hougaard Speaks On Karlien’s ‘Missing’ Children Drama

December 14, 2018 at 13:03
Derick Hougaard Speaks On Karlien's 'Missing' Children Drama

Derick Hougaard has come out speaking about the social media drama that unfolded between himself and ex-wife Karlien van Jaarsveld.

This comes after Karlien shared a panicked post on Instagram writing: “We can’t find my sons. Derick is drunk; we don’t know where the children are please! This is how they look, please help to search!”


She later announced that the children had been found.

Derick then took to Twitter to respond on Karlien’s comments writing: “Apparently there is chaos about my children who were ‘gone’ while they slept safely next to their daddy tonight. It was before Karlien’s mom came and grabbed them.”

In an interview on Jacaranda FM, Derick said: “We were the safest that we could be. We were sitting with friends and later the kids got cold. One of our friends own the Summit Bar. So we went to go sit there, because they were getting cold. We covered them up, and they were sleeping.

“It wasn’t that she [Karlien] couldn’t get hold of me, my phone was off. And when the children are with her, I don’t call every 30 minutes to find out where my children are. When the children are with you, then they are your responsibility,” he added.

Derick is angry with Karlien, and calls the whole act disappointing.


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