Drugs cause of suicide

September 12, 2017 at 16:14
Drugs cause of suicide

Lebogang Domenic Mathuloe, is believed to have been high on drugs when she stabbed herself to death on Monday morning. Sources paint a picture of a suicide that took place in public.

“Investigations regarding the death of Lebogang Mathuloe, is underway. At this stage we are investigating a case of inquest based on allegations that Lebogang stabbed herself several times with a knife early Monday.” Sabata Mokgwabone, North West police spokesman said.


A packet containing white substance was found in Mathuloe’s handbag, raising questions as to whether those were drugs. The substance was tested at the police laboratory and as a result, a second postmortem was done.

“The province ordered the second autopsy…. the second tests showed that there were drugs in her system,” a police said.

Mathuloe is said to have been married to a Swazi polygamist in a traditional wedding, late last year, and a white wedding was to take place in October this year.

“She kept on saying they have a lot of shoots and she would come back home. The last time I spoke to her was on Thursday and she said she would be back on Saturday. But she never came back.” Ellen, Mathuloe’s grandmother said.

“The next call I got from her was on Monday morning when she told me she was kidnapped and that her life was in danger. That call ended abruptly,” she went on.

Eye witnesses say she started screaming and took off her clothes, before stabbing herself. She was buried at Kagiso Cemetery.


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Megan Minenhle

Still in tears,RIP lebogang

Lesedi Mellisa

Drugs are becoming a very big problem is Mzansi,RIP siz

Thato Noah

It is heartbreaking to see such a young soul gone,RIP

Kungawo Jonas

So sad,she was beautiful RIP

Khayone Victor

RIP young girl

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