Fashionista at just 18-months old (Photos)

October 19, 2017 at 06:02
Fashionista at just 18-months old (Photos)

18-month old Makhosini Nhlelozikathixo has over 26,000 Instagram followers and at his age, has made over 150 posts.

His page, @baby_makhosini has become a hit with celebs and Black Twitter admiring his every post.

His love for the camera may have stemmed from his mother, Sithelo Shozi. She is a fashionista and a final year political student.

“Makhosini loves the camera and knows all the angles,” she said of her son.

“When I was pregnant I was posting outfits for expecting mothers and after Makhosini was born people were eager to see him. I started posting pictures of him and it got out of control, with even memes appearing about him and everyone sharing his pictures. He’s so young, I pulled it back a bit so I had more control of what pictures were going up. His pictures go through my Twitter account, but he does have his own Instagram account. Lots of moms also have accounts for their children so they started following him and inboxing me with questions, such as where he gets his clothes.

“He’s very confident – he loves attention and knows exactly what he wants. When I’m laying out his clothes he’ll take out a jacket or a pair of jeans he wants to wear. It seems he knows it’s important to me and he definitely has a flair for it. It’s something I enjoy and when it comes to style, I think it’s something you either have or you don’t,” she said.


  1. The kid looks adorable

  2. This is very good

  3. Keep up the good work

  4. I love this kid already

  5. Very professional,congratulations to the parents

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