Florence Masebe opens up about loss of son

November 13, 2017 at 16:27
Florence Masebe opens up about loss of son

Florence Masebe has shared intimate details of losing her 18-month old son two years ago.

The actress spoke to Drum ahead of the launch of her book, The Heart Knows. Florence remembers the feeling she had when she held her son’s lifeless body.       


“…I held my dead son in my arms for an hour while waiting for forensic pathology to come and fetch his body. I had never imagined the pain a mother goes through when she loses the child she birthed.”

Florence’s son died on the morning of her birthday two years ago. He fell into a pool and drowned at her Johannesburg home.

Since losing him, Florence has grieved privately. In the book she is set to launch, she has penned down poems where she shares her journey through grief.

She hopes the book, will help other mothers dealing with the same pain.

“I lost a huge part of me when I lost you my Prince. I still don’t share much of that pain and grief with anyone outside my immediate world. When all seemed too dark to ever let any light in, my knowledge of your love gave me much needed strength. I know I’m not the only mother in grief. That is why I turned my loss into a book in your name. The heart knows,” she said.

The book is to be released today in Joburg, and on 16th November in Polokwane.

“It is a collection of poetic mourning or poems written during my time of mourning,” she said.

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