Former Springbok’s player Juan de Jongh welcomes baby girl

February 27, 2019 at 10:00
Former Springbok's player Juan de Jongh welcomes baby girl

Juan de Jongh and his fiancee Simone Lourens have welcomed a baby girl. They took to Instagram to share a picture of their daughter.

Juan wrote: “Thank you everyone for welcoming my princess into the world – really appreciate all the love and messages.”


They have named their daughter Emily, which means hard-working, creative and brave.

Simone talked of how hands-on Juan is saying: “Juan is already a wonderful dad to Emily,” she tells us. “Thanks to Juan’s ambition and hardworking nature, Emily will never have to look far for a role model.”

“If she inherited all Juan’s energy, Emily will certainly have to be active – from cycling to golfing. We’ll leave the rugby for now.”

Juan too is full of praises for Simone as a mother.

“Simone will be an extremely loving mom to Emily and will always put Emily’s needs first. She’ll support our daughter in anything she chooses to tackle in life,” he says. “Simone will protect her against any harm, physically or emotionally.”

“I’ve no doubt Emily’s fashion style will always be on trend,” he jokes.

Congratulations to the couple.

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